Flexible crystal hose


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Flexible crystal hose

Flexible crystal hose

One-layer pvc hose food quality

  • Standards: REG. (EU) 10/2011 Class A, B, C.
  • Temperature Range   -10  ̊C +60  ̊C
  • also known by the trade names of  Vipla, Kristall, PVC cristall.


Hose: smooth transparent food quality pvc

  • free phtha- lates
  • abrasion, weathering and most chemicals re- sistant non toxic transparent pvc
  • Hardness Shore A: 75±5.

Surface: smooth extruded.

Branding: ink marking “H.T. – TT/CRISTALLO/TR – FOOD QUALITY – REG. ( EU) 10/2011 A-B-C – Phthalate free – i.d. Italy”.

Diameter Hose (mm)

Ø3 x Ø6 mm, Ø4 x Ø6 mm, Ø4 x Ø7 mm, Ø5 x Ø7 mm, Ø5 x Ø8 mm, Ø6 x Ø9 mm, Ø7 x Ø10 mm, Ø8 x Ø12 mm, Ø10 x Ø14 mm, Ø12 x Ø17 mm, Ø14 x Ø19 mm, Ø16 x Ø22 mm, Ø18 x Ø25 mm, Ø20 x Ø27 mm, Ø25 x Ø34 mm