POM-C is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material which is characterized by a low friction coefficient and good wear resistance. Water absorption is very low, which is why the dimensional stability is much better than polyamides. POM-C is resistant to many chemicals and solvents.

POM-C has high toughness and rigidity, while remaining easily workable. It is also known for its high mechanical toughness, heat resistance and good flow properties.

Manufactured according to DIN EN 15860, most types are suitable for contact with food (FDA, and EU 10/2011). Suitable for parts that must be used in humid or wet environments.

it is used in the following sectors: agriculture, medical engineering, textile industry, mechanical industry, computers and electronics, transport and logistics, bottling industry, bottle washing systems and car washes, sports equipment, office machines.

Applications: Bearings and bushings in use in damp or wet environments, gear wheels, guide rollers in lifting systems, springs, levers, instrument holders, pump parts, snap connections, electronic parts, office machinery parts.

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